Grannie and Grumpa on Islay!



My Grannie and Grumpa have been traveling all around Europe for 60 days!   I got to finally see them on Islay! I call him Mr. Trouble.  I call him that because he helps me find trouble!  The reason we got to visit Islay and have this big trip is because of Grannie and Grumpa!

This is my Grumpa at Ardbeg.  Ardbeg is a whisky distillery.  My Grumpa and my Dad like whisky.

Arrived in Islay



My name is Eloise Islay Parrish Hook. My parents named me after an island off the coast of Scotland that they loved and thought about all the time. The name of the island is Islay. This is my very first time visiting Islay.

Kirsten Rocks!

This is Jane’s youngest child Kirsten! She is 13 and AMAZING +9,000,000,000,000,000,000!  After she finished school for the day we went to the arcade but I made a  bad statement. I said  that I could pretty much win against anybody in table hockey! I guess I got lucky and I won against Kirsten. After that we went Rock climbing!😊❤️ At the end of your Rock climbing session you go skydiving! It is soooo much fun!

image Kirsten and I




imageRock climbing





Playing table hockey


Jane the AMAZING


This is the AMAZING Jane Cannon!  She lives in Lenzie (near Glasgow).  We stayed at her home with her family for 2 nights.  She lived with my mom for a summer when my mom was in 3rd grade.

We made the dessert.  They call dessert pudding!

Edinburgh Castle







image  image





Yesterday I visited the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle.  In the castle I saw huge cannons that were more than 500 years old.  I learned about kings and queens from 1,000 years ago!  All the streets are cobblestone.  It is very neat!

I saw the Crown Jewels.  The Crown Jewels room was a big safe with lots of locks and security.  Inside the room they had the velvet crown with pearls and jewels.  I also saw other sparkly jewelry.

I “learned” that MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS GOT HER HEAD CHOPPED OFF! She was crowned queen at 9 MONTHS old! She was also a very naughty queen so they sent her away to be raised. But when she got there she was locked in prison for trying to kill the queen! There they got so mad at her they just chopped off her head! No more problems with Mary😉!



The Highland Games

Yesterday we drove to Blair Castle to watch the Highland games.  (My daddy’s name is Blair so that made this castle extra cool .)

We watched a whole band of bagpipers march into the ceremony.  It was loud but amazing!!!  This is a picture of the band.



Then I watched a tug-of-war. The tug-of-war was the band against the Highlanders.   The Highlanders are the real athletes and the band was trying their best.  It was sort of a joke but they took it very seriously until the band lost superfast. (In about 3.5 seconds)






The band, the officers and the Highlanders all had a really race in their kilts too.  A guy from the band fell down and his kilt flipped up. He wasn’t wearing any underpants and everyone saw his rear end!   He stood up and kept running!   The Highlanders, once again won.



This is the most amazing thing I have seen in Scotland so far.   There was also a caber toss.  A really strong man in a kilt tries to flip a telephone pole end over end in the caber toss.




Arrived in Aberfeldy!

We arrived in Aberfeldy.  We are staying with the MacIntyre family.  They have six year old twins named Nell and Campbell.  We had tea (they call kid dinnertime tea here) and then we went upstairs and played.  We put on a talent show for the parents.  So much fun!

We are staying in their house in the country.  Their regular house is in Edinburgh.