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Yesterday I visited the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle.  In the castle I saw huge cannons that were more than 500 years old.  I learned about kings and queens from 1,000 years ago!  All the streets are cobblestone.  It is very neat!

I saw the Crown Jewels.  The Crown Jewels room was a big safe with lots of locks and security.  Inside the room they had the velvet crown with pearls and jewels.  I also saw other sparkly jewelry.

I “learned” that MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS GOT HER HEAD CHOPPED OFF! She was crowned queen at 9 MONTHS old! She was also a very naughty queen so they sent her away to be raised. But when she got there she was locked in prison for trying to kill the queen! There they got so mad at her they just chopped off her head! No more problems with Mary😉!



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  1. How big is the Edinburgh castle? by Lulu
    Polly wants to know if you are getting an accent yet?

    • Lulu- Nobody lives in the Edinburgh castle. It is as tall as two Ainsworth main buildings!
      Polly- Yes a wee bit!

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