Alistair and Judy Ross

Alistair and Judy live on Islay.  We are staying next door in their guest house.  The name of our house is Indefinitely.  Alistair and Judy are the parents of Susie (in Aberfeldy) and Jane (in Lenzie).


Highland Dance Class on Islay

I was invited to go to a Highland Dance class on Islay. Alistair Ross, who we are visiting, knows everyone on Islay and told the dance teacher I was coming.  She said I should come to class and show her students my Irish dancing. Highland dancers and Irish dancers wear almost the same shoes!

It was fun.  Alistair and Judy came to watch me dance.  They are the nicest people in the world.  Alistair is in the photo in the top left in green.  He always wears soft sweaters made out of cashmere just like moms scarf.


My favorite place in the world


This is me standing in my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD! It looks like you riped a picture out of a fairytale and made it real! My favorite place is outside the Islay Woollen Mill. We bought a lot there!  We bought a kilt for me, a super soft scarf for mom and a hat for dad that looks like the PDX carpet.

Kildalton Cross and a Wild Peacock!


Today I went to see the Kildalton Cross.  The Kildalton Cross is the oldest standing cross on Islay.  I learned about it before I came and put it in my Scotland book.

On the way home from the Kildalton Cross, we saw apeacock on the side of the road.  We pulled over and we felt like we were under the eyes of a police officer, but a very shiny and sparkly police officer!  The peacock walked around and around our car.  He even displayed a little.  I rolled down my window and took this picture for you guys.


Grannie and Grumpa on Islay!



My Grannie and Grumpa have been traveling all around Europe for 60 days!   I got to finally see them on Islay! I call him Mr. Trouble.  I call him that because he helps me find trouble!  The reason we got to visit Islay and have this big trip is because of Grannie and Grumpa!

This is my Grumpa at Ardbeg.  Ardbeg is a whisky distillery.  My Grumpa and my Dad like whisky.

Arrived in Islay



My name is Eloise Islay Parrish Hook. My parents named me after an island off the coast of Scotland that they loved and thought about all the time. The name of the island is Islay. This is my very first time visiting Islay.

Kirsten Rocks!

This is Jane’s youngest child Kirsten! She is 13 and AMAZING +9,000,000,000,000,000,000!  After she finished school for the day we went to the arcade but I made a  bad statement. I said  that I could pretty much win against anybody in table hockey! I guess I got lucky and I won against Kirsten. After that we went Rock climbing!😊❤️ At the end of your Rock climbing session you go skydiving! It is soooo much fun!

image Kirsten and I




imageRock climbing





Playing table hockey


Jane the AMAZING


This is the AMAZING Jane Cannon!  She lives in Lenzie (near Glasgow).  We stayed at her home with her family for 2 nights.  She lived with my mom for a summer when my mom was in 3rd grade.

We made the dessert.  They call dessert pudding!